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BreakerList is the premier fitness tracking app that connects you with world-class fitness coaches from around the world. It's free to use by yourself too, and you can even see how you stack up against people across the globe using Leaderboards

If you're a coach, BreakerList will expose you to new clients across the globe. If you're an athlete, BreakerList provides a marketplace of world-class coaches at your disposal. Our coaches work with complete beginners to competitive Olympians, so don't be shy. 


Guitar Players Who Suck

Those guys who think they're good at guitar, but they're not.

Posted by Music is Win on Monday, October 26, 2015


We are a digital studio that grows brands, engineers creative content and brings vision to life. Our purpose is to help businesses separate themselves from competitors and reach their audience effectively. 

We provide access to the MindFire Music Library as a compliment to our videos in order to provide royalty-free, headache-free music licensing. 

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