Everyone Sucks

You Gotta Start Somewhere

In any endeavor, starting out sucking is what eventually makes you great. Due to the current state of our wildly competitive, fast-paced world, it may be overlooked that if you want to build something substantial — a company, a skill, or otherwise — you have to start at ground zero. While there will never be another band like Nirvana or another company like Apple, there will be another world-changing entity of equal prominence. Hell, there will be more than one! When you find yourself at the helm of any project, regardless of what you hope it’ll eventually become, it's important to measure the budding life of your work by your own standards, and not try to prematurely live up to someone else’s. Let me explain…

You're Not the Only One

How many times have you come up with an idea and dismissed it because it wasn’t immediately perfected and polished to the caliber of excellence that others before you have achieved? I’ve fallen into this trap myself, and after absorbing our featured quote by Dave Grohl, it struck a chord inside me (pun intended). I discovered that I would constantly disregard the fact that my heroes once sucked as much or even worse than I did. 

Faith + Confidence = Win

This enlightenment strengthened two qualities in me that I believe are essential to anyone trying to make a name for themselves, rather than uphold a name for someone else while being paid minimum wage to do it. Those qualities are faith and confidence. On the surface these two traits seem similar, but in truth, they hold subtle differences that define a person on the verge of greatness.

Fueling the Fire

Consider this: you can’t have faith without confidence, and you can’t have confidence without faith. Inherently, you must be confident that your idea will work, or that you will have the determination to practice and hone your skills. Equally, you must believe that what you’re doing has purpose, or else passion — the innate faith — will not be able to fuel you. When the members of Nirvana first got together in a garage and sucked, they started practicing. As time went on, Dave Grohl was confident in his improving skills, and had faith in his bandmates to improve with him. The late Steve Jobs had faith in his idea that humans were missing a piece of technology that could change their lives forever, and he had the confidence to pursue its creation. 

Opportunity is Everywhere

While Rome wasn’t built in a day, we now have a lot of tools to build Rome much faster than an ancient civilization could. This fact echoes through any industry — you're more informed and have more tools at your disposal than any of your predecessors ever had, no matter the space you're in. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the accolades of brilliant people in the world today and failing to bet on yourself. Don’t let the triumph of others intimidate you; instead let it inspire you to know that those same people used to suck, maybe even worse than you.