Beauty In the Eye of the Creator

Hidden Treasure

Earth is round, space is infinite, axioms like 1 + 2 = 3 exist, and The Jerry Springer Show is scripted. At one point, though, truths like these were unproven, dismissed by all humanity — well, almost all humanity. Great thinkers existed in the past as they do now, each of them with their own questions about why the world is the way it is, and why nobody has stopped to suggest there may be something else waiting in the wings which hasn’t yet been revealed. While our friend George Bernard Shaw states that all great truths begin as blasphemies — evolution, artificial intelligence, the theory of relativity, etc. — I believe that a truth does not have to be inherently world-changing to be relevant and impactful, or even change the world. I’m not as smart as Stephen Hawking, and you probably aren’t either, but that doesn’t mean we both don’t have something to contribute. Let me explain…

The Best Ideas Feel Good

For most people, including myself, it’s daunting to think about creating something that tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of people will want or care about. So here’s a tip: don’t. Think about something that you want or care about, and start there. Don’t pine over imminent failure or the legitimacy of an idea. Creativity is sparked by a complete absence of anxiety. Jimi Hendrix wasn’t worrying about what people would think of Purple Haze when he wrote it, and Stan Lee didn’t care if you would appreciate The Fantastic Four when he drew it. Both of these artists threw caution to the wind with the primary goal of creating something they believed was awesome. As a result, each product’s authenticity resonated with everyone it reached. When experiencing a real piece of art, or a top-quality product, you feel its genuineness. When something is created purely for the dollars and without passion, you feel that too.

Buy What You're Selling

In the end, the most important thing you can do as an artist, inventor, developer, or innovator, is narrow your vision. Narrow it down to the smallest tunnel you can, and prove to yourself the idea is worth pursuing first. This foundation is essential. If you can’t buy in to your own idea, how do you expect anybody else will? From there, you can begin to consider outside perception and slowly cater to those whims (if necessary) based on the elements of your creation and what it takes to distribute it. No matter what your craft or skill, if you keep to this mindset, your desire to share your proposals and conceptions with the world will exponentially expand, all the while remaining as authentic and bona fide as a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo.