Winning Isn't Success


I’ll start this post with a bold statement: An antonym for failure is not success. Let me explain...

The Essence of Success is...?

If you could define the feeling of experiencing success, what would you say? For me, success isn’t the moment when you close the deal, raise the trophy, or receive praise for your accomplishments. I believe success — winning, triumph, victory; call it what you will — is something established over time. It happens inside and out, mentally and physically, when you work long nights, and rise early in the morning. It even happens while you dream. Success is something founded on an innate desire to be the best in whatever ambition you might be chasing. That foundation is also known as passion. If you’ve found your passion, then you, my friend, have found the lifeblood of success.

Building the Church

Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of all time because he was more successful than anybody else at playing the game. Because of that success, he was able to win championships, MVP awards, ESPYs, and many other tangible achievements. That’s just it, though — success is not tangible. It’s something that’s built for years and years. Shooting individual foul shots for two hours after a three hour team practice is success. Eating the right food in the right portions to give your body what it needs to operate optimally is success. Success is not achievement. Success allows achievement.

Motivate, Then Elevate

As MJ’s quote alludes, you won’t always win. From time to time, you will fail. However, if you don’t try to be successful, you will inevitably be unsuccessful  in all that you do — imagine that! Success is the persistent act of working hard, and you don’t need recognition to succeed; that will come later. You’ll be able to accept failure or achievement as long as you strive for success, knowing in your heart that, at the end of the day, you left if all on the proverbial court.