The New MindFire Sports Podcast

As some of you may already know, we have begun a new journey into the podcasting realm. While certain details such as the name, logo, and segments are still in the ideation phases, the substance of our conversation is fully developed. Our podcast questions the deteriorating state of sports journalism while offering our own take on the most relevant sports stories worth knowing.

We've been approved and are now available in the iTunes Store, so make sure you SUBSCRIBE to keep up to date on new releases.

You can expect a heavy dose of explicit humor, over-the-top reactions, unique insight, and most importantly, unadulterated information. It's like the Daily Show - but for sports. If you have any ideas for the show or would like to be a guest, email us at You can also tweet @MindFireSports. We look forward to recording more great shows and can't wait to stir up the sports world, one podcast at a time. If you haven't heard our first episode, check it out: