Get a Grip On Passion

Are You Missing Something?

Did you ever wonder if there was something more to your life than what exists in your fridge or on your cell phone screen? Something other than a monotonous, scripted timeline that lays out your foreseeable future? If you have wondered this, you’re missing passion. Passion comes in many forms, and can be mistaken for something else if not measured properly. There are various ways to discover what you’re passionate about, how to determine if you’ve already found your passion, and what pitfalls can sap or even stifle your passion altogether. Let me explain…

What Passion Isn't

First, it’s important to identify what passion isn’t. Passion contributes to your life or the world in a positive way. In other words, playing that hot new video game for 18 hours in a row does not mean you’re a “passionate gamer.” It means you just wasted approximately 17 hours of your life (I know this from experience). Letting off steam and indulging in some entertainment for an hour by playing a video game is definitely not a bad thing, but when it begins to rule your life and give you nothing in return except a sweet new virtual kingdom or ten new unlocked levels, you’re losing time you could have spent looking for your passion. If you’re not a gamer, substitute any unproductive activity — binge watching Netflix, scouring the annals of Facebook, taking 100 BuzzFeed quizzes — I think you get the point.

The Answer to Your Question

So, for review, your passion is something that you can do for 18 hours in a row which contributes positively to your life or the world. Obviously, the video game example doesn’t do anything constructive for you other than make you really good at something that, unless you’re going to be one of a handful of humans on the planet who makes a decent living playing video games, is probably not the best use of your time. Passion reveals your unique skills that can be used to better your life mentally, physically and/or monetarily. I’m sure you’re wondering, “How the hell do I find my passion, then?” The answer is simpler than you think. Are you ready for it? Are you sure? Okay, you asked for it! To find your passion, you must… *drumroll*hunt.


To hunt for passion, you have to consider what makes you happy. Think of something you’ve always been curious about. Maybe you’ve always been fascinated by the musicians who live in your car radio. Or, maybe you aren’t a music person, but you love the thought of building a car stereo. Maybe you’re bored by mechanical construction and despise the glam of top 40 music on the radio as well as on TV, but you really dig how life-like your video game graphics are. 

The Ultimate Reward

Whatever you find that interests you in this crazy world, which, by the way, is a treasure trove of curiosities, it’s up to you to put your foot down (or your video game controller) and try something new. Take an online class at without spending a dime. Ask someone you admire or respect what kind of hobbies they have. Go to a local pawn shop and strum the strings of a guitar. Hunt. You will be rewarded.