The Magic In Your Head

Things Aren't What They Seem.

Even if he’s a fictional character, a certain part of us feels like Dumbledore’s a pretty smart guy. Don’t get your panties in a bunch if you’re not a Harry Pothead; I think we can all draw some wisdom from the wisest man in the wizarding world (or would that be Gandalf? Yoda? Let the argument begin!). The essence of Dumbledore’s words seems black and white, but can applying this type of thinking to your everyday routine or your five-year plan be more complicated than simply ‘doing or not doing’ things? Surely it seems so… but things are not what they appear. Let me explain…

Expecting the Expected

Start with the fact that you have to put effort into doing anything in order to accomplish a goal. Does effort not inherently mean you must try, then, Dumbledore? Nice! I think we’ve got him on the ropes. Oh, but wait… here’s the kicker. Doing or not doing things  relies on the effort you put in to those actions; however trying simply indicates you’re allowing for the possibility of failure, and maybe even expecting it. 

Consider this conversation, and think about how confident you are in the person who is trying.

“Hey, Johnny, do you think you could help me out with changing a tire on my car?”

“Yeah, I’ll try.”

Ding ding ding! This is what Dumbledore is getting at. Of course you’ll try, what kind of loon doesn’t try in one form or another when they do something? The point is, the word “try” is indicative of impending defeat, thus setting a mental precedent from the start and keeping you from going into a task, objective, state of mind, or otherwise with 100% commitment and belief that you will succeed.

Ones and Zeroes FTW

Sounds crazy, but frame of mind is equally if not more important in every single detail of an undertaking than your reliance on your body to carry out your brain’s orders. If you want, have, or are asked to do something, DO it, or DON’T do it, but don’t try to do it. Half-assery is not a good look, and Dumbledore would totally flunk you for it. That is if SNAPE didn’t kill him! Okay this got weird but you get the idea.